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Zenden cash backing empowers buyers to get the home they want, when they want it, and provides sellers with peace of mind that they'll get their money in full without delay.

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Why buyers love Zenden

  • Make your offer stand out with cash backing
  • Win the bidding war without overpaying for the home
  • It’s free and only takes 5 minutes to apply

Buyers love Zenden because sellers love cash-backed offers! Zenden empowers you to make strong offers that stand out in a competitive market. And if you can't close on time, we will. So you get the keys to the home on your schedule.

How it works

Make your offer

Once you're approved, make your Zenden-backed offers with our exhibit and proof of funds attached. Research suggests that cash buyers are twice as likely to win (source: WSJ Jan 18, 2018).

Close on time...

If due diligence checks out and your financing comes in on time, you can complete the sale and move into your new home.

...Or we will

Don't worry if you can't close on time. We'll buy the home and you can move in, then rent from us for a fair market price until you're ready to buy the home with no mark-up!

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Why sellers love Zenden

  • Minimize the risk of a costly failed deal
  • Don't sacrifice on price to ‘instant cash’ buyers
  • Know the sale will close even if the buyer walks away

A Zenden-backed sale means you get your money at the agreed time and price without giving away an additional 5-10% discount demanded by aggressive 'instant cash' buyers (source: Marketwatch July 6, 2019). No uncertainty, no anxiety, just priceless peace of mind.

You can start getting Zenden cash-backed offers on your home right now, even if you've already listed. Talk to your agent to find out how.

Why agents love Zenden

  • Close more deals, more quickly
  • Protect your clients from ‘instant cash’ buyers
  • Use Zenden as a listing or a buying agent

Whether you're working with buyers or sellers, Zenden provides you with a unique and valuable tool to offer your clients. Your buyers can stand out with cash-backed offers and win the home they want, even in highly competitive situations. And your sellers can relax and plan their move knowing that Zenden is there to close the sale if the buyer can’t.

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