Real Estate is hard. We’re making it easier

Buying or selling a home is a long, complex and unpredictable process, with expensive obstacles at every turn. Buyers get outbid, sellers get lowballed, offers get rejected or withdrawn, finance falls through, and sometimes buyers just change their minds. Failure rates are on the rise, with some markets seeing more than one in 10 deals fall through (source: 2017).

‘Instant cash’ buyers and corporate investors promise certainty and a quick cash sale but charge a huge premium for the privilege – often costing the seller an extra 5-10% of the value of their home (source: Marketwatch July 6, 2019).

We figured there had to be a better way. So we came up with Zenden.

Win. Win. Win.

Zenden makes life easier for all three parties in the real estate transaction – buyers, sellers and agents – by eliminating the financial contingencies that cause sales to fall through between contract and close.

Zenden provides peace of mind for sellers by empowering qualified buyers to make cash-backed offers. Better yet, we commit to closing the deal with our own cash if the buyer can't.

Sellers don't have to worry about getting their money; buyers don't have to worry about getting their home; agents don't have to worry about getting their commission.

Transparency is key to our purpose

We want to be clear about what we are and what we're not.

What we are

  • Cash backing for genuine qualified buyers
  • A way to avoid a costly failed deal
  • A fairer alternative to 'instant cash' buyers
  • A low-cost way to get deal certainty

What we’re not

  • A mortgage broker or lender
  • A lease-to-own program
  • An instant buyer, flipping homes or profiting off rent
  • An insurance company or policy

About us

Zenden was founded by a team of technology, real estate and mortgage experts who wanted to simplify the home purchase process for everyone. Our goal is to provide home buyers and sellers with the same benefits that previously only cash-rich institutions and individuals were able to access.

We have teamed up with leading financial and real estate institutions to provide us with the capital and expertise needed to build an incredible product and offer ‘cash backing’ to our clients.

Our promise to you – our values

We created Zenden around a set of core values which are embodied in our product and in every business decision we make:

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Customer first

Stay focused on making people’s lives better.

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Transparent communication

Always be upfront and clear. No surprises.

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Take the high road

No shortcuts, no ‘gray areas’. Do what is right every time.

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Win. Win. Win.

Everyone benefits when everyone’s incentives are aligned.

Still have questions? We have answers on our FAQs Page