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Make your offer stand out

Sellers love Zenden cash-backed offers because they can be confident that the home sale will close.

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Win the bidding war

Make strong offers without having to overpay for the home or risk losing out by underbidding.

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Get the keys

Closing dates that keep changing are expensive and stressful. Get the keys to the home even when we close.

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It’s free and easy

Zenden is free to buyers. And if we buy the home, you can buy it back from us with no mark-up!

What does it cost? NOTHING! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Zenden cash backing is free to buyers.

Buying with Zenden

A simple, step-by-step guide to winning your dream home

  1. Sign up for free

    Applying for cash backing takes under five minutes and won't affect your credit score. We'll let you know within 24 hours how much we'll back you for.
  2. Make your cash-backed offer

    Make as many offers as you like. Once an offer is accepted, pay your earnest money to the seller. Once you and the seller sign the Zenden exhibit, we formalize our cash backing.
  3. Do the due diligence

    Organize an inspection and start arranging your mortgage and appraisal. If all goes well and your financing is approved on time, you can close the sale and move in. An easy, trouble-free experience.
  4. If you can’t close, we're here to help

    Don't worry. If you can't close by the agreed date, Zenden will buy the home. The seller gets their money and you get the keys and move in. Then, simply rent from us for up to 6 months while you get your financing in order. No need to waste money on double moves or expensive bridge loans.

    As soon as you're ready to buy the home...

    We'll sell it back to you for the agreed contract price. There's no mark-up, no hidden fees, and we'll credit your earnest money and all other seller credits – exactly as if the sale had gone through as planned. In the unlikely event that you’re still unable to secure financing after renting the home for 6 months, we may sell the home and work together with you to figure out next steps.

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply to Zenden?
Anyone (who is not a resident of the State of New York). To qualify, you'll need to go through our short application process. Zenden is designed for individual homebuyers who are looking to finance their home purchase with a mortgage, and individual sellers who want the peace of mind of a cash backed deal.
Will I still need to get a mortgage from a lender?
Yes, Zenden is not a home mortgage company, so you will still need to find financing for your home.
Will applying to Zenden affect my credit score?
No. We may perform a soft credit pull that will not show up on your credit history or affect your credit score.
What happens after my offer has been accepted?
You carry out due diligence in the same way as any homebuyer. Due diligence typically takes 10-14 days. You will need to arrange an inspection and share the results with Zenden. You should also apply to your lender for financing and authorize them to conduct an appraisal within the due diligence period. You will also need to share the findings of the appraisal with us. If your lender can’t carry out the appraisal in that time, Zenden may obtain a certified appraisal from a licensed or certified appraiser. Zenden can pull out of the sale if it is not satisfied with its due diligence.
What will my rent be if Zenden buys the home until I secure financing?
Monthly rent is based on a standard market formula of 0.75% of the home's value. For example, if your home costs $200,000, your monthly rent would be $1,500.
Still have questions? We have answers on our FAQs Page