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Zenden cash backing -

The only thing better than an all-cash buyer

Know the sale will close even if the buyer walks away

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Don’t risk a costly failed deal

A failed deal is expensive and time consuming. You keep paying the bills, your future home keeps getting more expensive, and now you're stuck with the hassle of more showings.

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Sell at your price

‘Instant cash’ buyers might offer a quick and easy sale, but you'll pay a price for this privilege. High service charges, lowball offers and ‘required repairs’ end up leaving you with 5-10% less money in your pocket vs a cash-backed sale (source: Marketwatch July 6, 2019).

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Close on time

Financing delays for the buyer end up costing you money and stress. Plan with confidence and get your money when you want it without delay.

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Better than cash

Even cash buyers walk away. If your buyer can’t close, we're here to step in and buy the home so you're not left fighting to keep the earnest money.

What does it cost?

Get Zenden cash backing for just 1% of the sale price. Enjoy priceless peace of mind, and only pay at closing

How to get Zenden-backed offers on your home

Simple. Talk to your agent. Even if you're already listed and receiving offers, your agent can convey your preference for Zenden-backed buyers and transform the quality and reliability of offers you receive.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I start receiving Zenden-backed offers on my home?
Speak to your agent. If they're already registered with Zenden, they can start notifying interested buyers immediately of your preference for cash-backed offers. If your agent is not yet registered, either ask them to get in touch with us via our website at, or send us their details and we'll reach out to them. If you don't have an agent and would like us to recommend one, please get in touch – our contact details are on the contact us page).
I just got a Zenden offer. What does it mean and how can I verify that it’s real?
Congratulations. This means that the person making the offer on your home has been approved for Zenden and has given you a cash backed offer. If you want to verify that the offer is genuine and backed by Zenden, click on “Verify an offer” in the menu at the top of this page and enter the unique code contained in the offer letter.
Why should I use Zenden instead of selling to an instant buyer?
Instant buyers offer a quick sale but you may pay dearly for the convenience. They also have an inspection contingency which often translates to further deductions on the closing price. Instant buyers make their money by buying low and selling high on a fast turnaround, so they typically offer less than market value and typically charge a range of fees on top. According to Marketwatch , selling to an instant buyer can reduce the amount you receive from the sale by as much as 10% compared to selling with a real estate agent (after taking all costs into account). (source: Marketwatch July 6, 2019). By comparison, Zenden charges a flat fee of 1% of the sale price.
What's the difference between a traditional real estate transaction and a Zenden-backed real estate transaction?
A Zenden-backed transaction proceeds in the same way as a traditional home sale except at two key points:
  1. When the offer is accepted and the agreement is signed, the buyer and seller also enter into an agreement with Zenden, where the seller agrees to pay 1% of the sale price and in return Zenden commits to buying the home at the agreed closing date if the buyer can't finalize their mortgage on time, subject to the terms and conditions of the Exhibit.
  2. If the buyer is unable to close on the agreed date, Zenden steps in and closes on a second closing date, 5 days later. So rather than the whole deal getting postponed or cancelled altogether, the seller gets their money, the agents get their commission and the buyer gets the keys.
Still have questions? We have answers on our FAQs Page